About Us

As a Rider and previous Racehorse owner, It was no surprise that having been a professional Photographer for nearly 30 years, I would find myself devoting my career to capturing these magnificent Athletes on film.

There is nothing more breathtaking then a horse in motion. Anyone whose ever been blessed to see a horse in the wild running freely can truly understand why I have made this my life's passion.

The images I take are not only for sale but to also help horses that are no longer competitive on the track.

Each year thousands of horses are left to fend for themselves and often find their way to slaughter.

As a volunteer for a Thoroughbred Rescue group, my images help to spread awareness to generate funds needed to keep these animals safe and find new careers off the track and most importantly, a "Forever Home".

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed creating them and please click on the link and see what you can do to give these wonderful animals a fighting chance.

A portion of every purchase will be donated towards their fight for life.

Please visit: www.rerun.org

Thank you... God bless.

Carl J. Sari